Mindcrafters aims at realization of a child’s potential in the areas of Science, Social Studies and Maths. We engage with schools to create class-lab environments and mentored activities in STEM. Our programs are all in school programs. and are mostly Hands On activities. For the School it is a great value add in terms of quality of education and application of concepts



Your curriculum enriched through hands on pedagogy implemented alongside your lesson plans. Here the child is involved in integrated activities  or making which engage as well as clarify  Read More


Exploring environment, opportunities and ideas sans frontiers and sans subjects through Projects, Experiments and Design Read More


Going beyond the curriculum,  little look beyond what is taught in class : Enhance Thinking, Horizons, Creativity & Curiosity. Read More


Educational experiences which expose the studnet to STEM areas sometimes looking at familiar things in an unfamiliar way : In  India and Australia Read More

Our experts

Mr. Aditya bhatnagar

Aditya graduated from IIT Delhi in 1977 and has been working in electronics manufacturing for 30 years and in the education and training space since 2010.

He is highly innovative and a motivated person with a mission to bring high quality STEM and a research outlook to children.


Dr. Roy Chowdhary graduated from Rutgers University and has done his PhD in Discrete Maths

He is an Open source evangelist and has been promoting Linux flavors like Ubuntu. He has taught in US universities and also in India and the Philippines. Dr. Roy Chowdhary is currently working in the Philippines

Ms. Monica Jaiswal

Monika is a young educator and began her career as a primary teacher, working with different age groups of children from per-primary till secondary classes.

She has done her B.Ed, M.A. (Eng Lit), MBA (HR) and has an experience  of 18 years in the domain. Presently, Monica is working as a Vice-Principal at Indus World School Central Campus.

Students in action

Our Clients

About Mind Crafters

Mindcrafters is a partnership of minds which has the STEM values of Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration and Communication. A team dedicated to making learning better and enjoyable Read More

Our Mission

To Create a sense of curiosity, inventiveness and love for STEM leading to students contributing to Knowledge through research.

To see Indian students figure at the top of international events like Google Science Fair etc.

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What We Offer

  • Curriculum Linked Activity and Project based learning
  • Innovative and out of the box projects developed over a year by your students
  • Design and Tinkering Workshops and year long programs
  • Teacher/educator orientation and training workshops or year long program